Make the Home you Love

Make the Home you Love

Make the Home you Love by Fiona McPhillips with Colm Doyle, Lisa McVeigh and John Flood is here! Published by O’Brien Press, it is now available online and in book shops throughout Ireland.

Make the Home You Love will hold your hand right from the moment you begin dreaming about your renovation or extension, to taking control of your project and to putting the finishing touches to your interiors and outdoor space. After completing her own home renovation and extension, Fiona McPhillips, author, journalist and interiors fanatic, was inspired to bring together everything she learned along the way. In collaboration with three award-winning architects, Fiona provides you with the most holistic approach to your design and build.

• Regardless of the size of your project or budget, this comprehensive guide will direct you towards all the major and minor details, enabling you to transform your living space.

• Learn about costing, planning, tendering and construction so that you can deal with any surprises along the way.

• Case studies include suburban family homes, city apartments and rural homesteads, each reflecting the owner’s personality, commitment and real day-to day needs.

• Architects’ tips offer expert insider knowledge on achieving the most from your resources.

Whether you are starting from scratch or tweaking an existing design, with this book you’ll be armed every step of the way in turning your dream into a reality.

• Re-order your space to suit the needs of you and your family

• Communicate clearly with the experts who will be working with you

• Keep your project on track

• Stay on budget

• Express your individual style

• Optimise light

• Finish your build to the highest level

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