1950s Detached House in Rathfarnham

1950s Detached House in Rathfarnham

Design by DMVF Architects, photos by Ruth Maria Murphy.

When Sarah and her husband bought their arts and crafts house in Rathfarnham, it needed a huge amount of modernisation. After five years of living in it, they knew exactly what they wanted to do.

‘I wanted to drag it into the twenty-first century,’ says Sarah. ‘It needed good insulation, good windows and a good flow. Basically, I wanted good family living in a comfortable home.’

Sarah had a fairly clear idea of the style she wanted to achieve.

‘I kind of know what I like – a mix of antiques, mid-century and modern furniture. I’m not drawn to sterile modern looks but I do like really clean lines and a mix of materials that gives a warm aesthetic.’

Sarah took to the Internet to prepare her brief for her architect, who had been recommended by a friend.

‘I looked at Houzz and Pinterest to develop a sense of what was out there and collected images for each space, and I consulted with my friend Tom, who has a background in interior design.’

One specific photo caught Sarah’s attention, although it wasn’t one she had planned to replicate.

‘The image that ultimately resulted in the curve on our staircase was one I’d saved from a loft apartment in the States. I just saved it because I liked it, not because I thought we could integrate something like it.’

However, Sarah’s architect showed the photo to a metalworker and he was able to recreate the style on her staircase.

‘It was a collaborative process between myself, Tom, my architect and the metalwork guy. It was a process that evolved from a collection of images that were then teased out and made to work for our space.’

Now the image of the curve on Sarah’s staircase is an inspiration for others.

‘I look at the photo of our staircase now and think, oh my God, that’s gorgeous. And it was almost a happy accident.’

The living room sofa, with its view of the garden, is one of Sarah’s favourite places, although she admits she has several spots that she loves.

‘The three garden-facing rooms capture the light differently throughout the day, which is really great.’

She also appreciates the flow through the house, which works perfectly for them.

‘I just love that it’s a great family space.’

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